Payment Agreement for
St. Pat's Karate Club in Cardiff

Monthly Payment Terms

As a member of St. Pat’s Karate Club, you agree to the following monthly payment arrangement:

    • Payment Schedule: You are required to make 12 equal monthly payments at the commencement of each month for your karate training.

    • Payment Amounts: The amount of each monthly instalment is determined based on your weekly attendance and membership level. The following rates apply, calculations are assuming the club operates for 47 weeks per year:


        • 1 Session per week: £20 per month (approx. £5.10 per session)

        • 2 Sessions per week: £30 per month (approx. £3.83 per session)

        • 3 Sessions per week: £40 per month (approx. £3.40 per session)

        • Unlimited sessions per week: £45 per month

    • All prices are subject to review and potential increase on October 31st, 2023. However, existing members paying the above rates on that date will not be subject to an increase as long as their monthly plan remains active.

    • Default Consequence: Failure to fulfil a monthly payment obligation will result in automatic enrolment in a pay-as-you-go plan, with a rate of £6 per hourly session.

    • Default and Restart: In the event of defaulting on your monthly payments, you may need to rejoin with the payment rates in effect at the time of re-enrolment, rather than the rates in your original agreement.

    • Payment Methods: Payments can be made through direct debit, card, or bank transfer.

Pay-as-You-Go Arrangements

For pay-as-you-go participants, the following terms apply:

    • Payment Timing: Payments must be completed prior to each training session, and can be made using cash, card, or bank transfer.

    • Payment Amounts: Based on the number of weekly sessions and the assumption of 47 weeks per year, this is the equivalent of the following amounts:


        • 1 Session per week: £23.50 per month

        • 2 Sessions per week: £47.00 per month

        • 3 Sessions per week: £70.50 per month

Family Discount Package

For families participating in the unlimited weekly training package, the following discount applies:

    • Discounted Rate: If one family member is enrolled in the unlimited training package at £45 per month, additional family members will pay a reduced rate of £30 per month for unlimited training.

    • Default: Failure to meet the monthly payment requirement for a family package will result in all members of the package defaulting to pay £6 per session on a pay-as-you-go basis.

After School Clubs:

    • Monthly Fee: Monthly fee-paying students can access school-based training for free, except at Llandaff City where alternate terms apply due to primary school policies.

    • Llandaff City: Students at Llandaff City Primary receive training at half-price due to specific arrangements with the school and after-school fees.

Additional Information:

    • The club may occasionally close due to instructor annual leave. Prior notice will be given.

    • The club may occasionally close or unforeseen venue-related circumstances. Any sessions cancelled due to this can be replaced with an alternative session.

    • Cancellation: To cancel your membership, one month’s written notice is required along with settling any outstanding balance. Unused sessions or instalments are non-refundable.

    • Flexibility: The club aims to accommodate individual circumstances and strives to offer affordable payment plans to promote consistent karate training. St Pats Karate endeavours to try their upmost not to increase monthly price plans to reward student loyalty.

    • Agreement Duration: This agreement is valid for one year. A renewed agreement will be sent upon expiration. Failure to renew might lead to enrolment under the current pay-as-you-go rates.

By submitting the form below, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

    St. Pat’s Karate Club